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  • What sunban is exactly?

    It is a liquid spray which acts as a film ,[but is not a film actually ] once sprayed on glass of any kind in cars , buses trains or buildings.

  • How is it applied ? and can I apply it at home?

    It is to be applied by a professional under special conditions and cannot be applied at home.

  • Is it legal?

    Yes, It is.. As it is no film or material but just a treatment on glass for heat cut and keeps the Vlt well in limit [Visual light transmittance]

  • How much Uv it cuts?

    It cuts upto 90 % of ultra violet rays of sun which harm our skin and is source of skin cancer.

  • How much Infra red rays are cut after applying Sunban?

    Infra red rays are cut upto 70 % after its application .I r rays effects in discolouring of upholstery in cars ,buses and homes.

  • How much heat cut is possible after coating Sunban?

    The heat cut thru glass is over 50% ,it does not allow heat to pass thru glass and results in finally reducing 8-12 degree Celsius* temperature inside the car treated by Sunban vis a vis a Non coated car with Sunban under same circumstances.

  • How can I check the effectiveness of coating on my car?

    There are apparatus /meter available with the Authorized Service Centre/Franchise which can show you the readings before and after coating for VLT / I.R and U.V.

  • What is the life of this coating ? Does it effects comes down with age?

    Its life is 10 years after it is coated which is nearly equivalent to the age of car ,even after 10 years the effectiveness can come down by 20 % but will still be working on glass.

  • I am finding it very expensive !! why shall I spend so much on a coat and just put towels etc to cut heat...

    It is even not allowed to put towels /Stick - ons /curtains on car glasses ,these can be challaned as they obstruct vision , however Sunban does not obstruct vision at all infact it helps you save fuel spent on Air-Conditioning of car. Under normal circumstances it will take 2-3 years for a car to recover it's initial cost of application ,and it gives you profit after 3rd year till the end of 10 th year. Is’nt it a really wonderful product? which gives u comfort, savings and still you become environmentally aware person ?

  • Where can I get it coated?

    It can be coated with professional expertise at any of the authorized service centres or franchises.

  • How much time will it take for coating?

    Normally it takes 2 hours to coat the car after following proper procedure and vehicle can be used for travelling but rolling of window up & down is prohibited for 72 hours .The exact time of delivery/coating can however be given by franchise only after considering the orders in pipeline.

  • Any post application care?

    Just not to roll the window up and down for 72 hours immediately after coating and not to use harsh clothes for cleaning the glass a simple cotton cloth preferably moist one is the best cleanser for it …

  • Oh I got the treatment done but the glass is not clear !

    As there is human act involved and several other components we advise for a post treatment care visit to the authorised service centre .The glass will be clear to your satisfaction for sure.

  • How is different from solar films?

    Solar films are banned and the nano technology can not stay on film but on glass hence solar films can never be so effective in controlling heat.

  • Am not feeling the comfort it is not working at all ..Am looted ...

    No it is not so ,You will really feel the difference once the air conditioner is on ....non treated car will not get cool so quick as to what treated will. You will have to slow down the Ac speed after a short while . The comfort of air conditioner will come very quick to your car, Touch the upholstery with bare hand in front and on sides the difference in temperaure will tell u the real story.

  • What is this technology and where is it from ?

    It is a Nano particles based innovative , patented technology invented in germany . There will be many copies once this product is used by masses but the really effective product will only be SUNBAN.

* Based on Weather conditions
*In comparison with a plain /Non treated car in same conditions .


Am relieved of heat in the car ,really saying excessive heat in parked car is a must for every car india New delhi atleast.

Amit Gupta
Maruti Swift

It has really 'banned' heat now it is comfortable inside the car without films ..thumbs up.

Rakesh Malhotra
Hyundai i20